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Since ancient times, bread has been the main food staple in many cultures around the world. Today, people still consider bread a basic food necessity, only now we have many different kinds to choose from. At Gunn's Bread Bakery in Winnipeg, with over 20 varieties of bread, you're bound to find something you enjoy.

When you come into our store, you'll find that most of the breads come in a 16oz loaf. However, if you need a larger loaf, or a different shape, phone us a day or two ahead and let our bread bakers in Winnipeg to order the size that you need. Almost all of our breads can be made in the following sizes: 32oz loaf, 32oz Square, Sandwich-Style, Cocktail-Style, and Dinner Rolls.

Below are the different kinds of bread that we make. Please click on the item name for more information. For any information not listed here, or to order, visit or call us at the bread bakery in Winnipeg.

White Bread goes with everything: soups, sandwiches, toast, or anything else. Our White Bread has a nice, light texture that will compliment any of your favourite dishes.

Breads - White
Whole Wheat

Having some toast or making a sandwich? Why not make the healthier choice and try a loaf of our 75% Whole Wheat Bread?

Breads - Whole Wheat

Our French bread is soft and airy on the inside and crusty on the outside. This makes it the perfect companion for any pasta dishes or soups. Try it toasted with garlic butter, or sliced thick for French toast.

Breads - French

Baguettes go with virtually everything. This versatile, classic, French loaf can be used for sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, dipping, and alongside any soup or meal.

Breads - Baguettes

* Our Baguettes are available in a rounded or flat version.

Sour Dough

The tangy taste of Sour Dough Bread goes beautifully with soup and pasta. Try a loaf to enjoy alongside your favourite dish!

Breads - Sour Dough
Farmer's French Sour Dough

Light and fluffy on the inside, and baked to a perfect crust on the outside, our Farmer’s French Sour Dough goes beautifully alongside any dish.

Breads - Farmer's French Sour Dough
Light Pumpernickel

It's a lighter take on pumpernickel bread. Our Light Pumpernickel Bread is great with sandwiches or mix it up with dark pumpernickel for dipping.

Breads - Light Pumpernickel
Dark Pumpernickel

Dark Pumpernickel Bread is a classic favourite for spinach dip, or any other kind of dip. We also carry this bread in a loaf shape, just in case you need extra bread for dipping.

Breads - Dark Pumpernickel
Onion Pumpernickel

Want to add a little zing to your sandwiches? Want a different kind of bread for dipping? With some onion and caraway seed ensconced in a light pumpernickel dough, it might be just the bread you're looking for.

Breads - Onion Pumpernickel

Our Old Country Style Rye Bread is a classic favourite. It's lightly seasoned with caraway seeds so it's great for a sandwich, with any of your favourite spreads, or on its own.

Breads - Rye
Light Rye

Want rye bread, but don't like caraway seeds? Our Light Rye Bread might just be what you're looking for. With rye flakes instead of caraway seeds, it has a milder taste, but still great as part of a sandwich or with your favourite spread.

Breads - Light Rye
European Rye

Love caraway seeds? Try our European Rye Bread. It's got extra caraway seeds incorporated into the dough, and even more sprinkled on top.

Breads - European Rye
American Rye

Try a loaf of American Rye along with white bread the next time you make sandwiches for company. The dark, rich colour will contrast beautifully with the white bread, and the caraway seeds will add a little extra flavour to your sandwiches.

Breads - American Rye
Marble Rye

We took our old country rye bread and our American rye bread and swirled them together to create our Marble Rye Bread. Not only does it taste great, it’s a lovely loaf to look at.

Breads - Marble Rye
3-lb Rye Bread
Breads - 3-lb Rye Bread

* Available in one size only. Available Fridays only.

Harvest Grain

Our Harvest Grain Bread contains a medley of seven grains. It’s a great way to add texture to your sandwich, or try a slice with some soup.

Breads - Harvest Grain
Harvest Grain Sour Dough

Love your bread crusty on the outside and full of texture inside? Our Harvest Grain Sour Dough is the bread for you! Everything you love about sour dough bread with crunchy seeds and grains in every bit.

Breads - Harvest Grain Sour Dough

* Available Fridays only.

Whole Wheat Harvest Grain

Our Whole Wheat Harvest Grain is just like our harvest grain bread, but with the added goodness of whole wheat flour.

Breads - Whole Wheat Harvest Grain

* Available Fridays only.


Whether you call it Challah or Koilech, you’ll still get that traditional, European egg bread that you love. Try some sliced thick for French toast.

Breads - Koilech
Water Koilech
Breads - Water Koilech

* Available Fridays only.


By now, most people have heard about the health benefit of flax seeds. Why not try a loaf of our Flax Bread as a way of incorporating flax into your diet?

Breads - Flax

Take your toast to the next level! With cheddar cheese and fresh green onion mixed into the dough, our Fergassa Bread is tasty on its own, or with any of your favourite sandwich fillings.

Breads - Fergassa

* Available only as a 16 oz. loaf.


Want just a little sweet? Try some of our Raisin Bread toasted up, on its own, or with your favourite spread.

Breads - Raisin

* Available only as a 16 oz. loaf.


Add a hint of sweetness to your breakfast with a couple of slides of our Cinnamon Bread. Toast it up with a little butter, or have it sliced thick and use it for French toast.

Breads - Cinnamon

* Available only as a 16 oz. loaf.

Dark Pumpernickel Raisin Walnut

The Dark Pumpernickel Raisin Walnut Bread combines our dark pumpernickel bread recipe with raisins and walnuts to create this hefty loaf that’s almost sweet enough to have for dessert.

Breads - Dark Pumpernickel Raisin Walnut

* Available only as 32 oz. loaf. Customer may request half a loaf. Call to check availability.

* All bread is Pareve EXCEPT for the Fergassa Bread
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