Since ancient times, bread has been the main food staple in many cultures around the world. Today, people still consider bread a basic food necessity, only now we have many different kinds to choose from. At Gunn's Bakery, you're bound to find something you enjoy.

Below are the different kinds of bread that we make. Please click on the item name for more information. For any information not listed here, or to order, visit or call us at the bakery.
Breads - Ovals
Small Twists
Breads - Small Twists
Large Twists
Breads - Large Twists
Vienna Rolls
Breads - Vienna Rolls
Pannini Buns
Breads - Pannini Buns
Kaiser Buns
Breads - Kaiser Buns
Sesame Kaiser Buns
Breads - Sesame Kaiser Buns
Harvest Grain Kaiser Buns
Breads - Harvest Grain Kaiser Buns
Harvest Grain Rolls
Breads - Harvest Grain Rolls
Rye Rolls
Breads - Rye Rolls
Whole Wheat Sub Buns
Breads - Whole Wheat Sub Buns
Onion Pletzels
Breads - Onion Pletzels

* All rolls are Pareve
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The origin of cabbage rolls or prakes can be traced back to the hillsides of Palestine, where ripened grape leaves were stuffed with various meats and cooked slowly in the hot ashes of a fire. Holishkes in Eastern Europe and Galuptze in Russia are enjoyed all around the world.